Baseline Evidence Reviews

To support the preparation of our Strategic Plan and the identification of our initial analytical priorities, we undertook a series of rapid reviews of key evidence sources.

This helped us understand the current state of the environment across key topics, recent trends in performance, and whether Scotland is on track to achieve its targets and objectives.

Click below to access more information about the Baseline Evidence Reviews and download them.

Analytical Priorities

As part of our Strategic Plan, we have identified a number of issues that we intend to focus our analytical work on during the next three years.

These are issues where we have identified potential concerns, but where further analysis is required to understand the cause(s) and how policy and regulatory decisions affect these. Our analytical work may result in issues being identified for investigation, for more detailed analysis, or for ongoing monitoring.

Click below to view our list of priorities.

Monitoring and Horizon Scanning

In addition to the initial analytical priorities identified above, we will monitor a wide range of environmental data and information and will undertake horizon scanning to identify emerging issues and relevant developments in legislation and policy in Scotland, the UK, the European Union and further afield.

We are open to receiving relevant evidence on environmental performance and emerging topics from any group or organisation. If you would like to discuss our work, or have robust and validated evidence or information that would be useful to us, please do get in touch via Contact Us.

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