We recently gave an update to the Scottish Parliament about the work we have been involved in over the past six months.

Video Transcript

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0:04 hi I’m Mark Roberts chief executive of
0:07 environmental standards Scotland
0:10 environmental standard Scotland is now
0:12 nearly two years old
0:14 we’re here to check that public sector
0:16 organizations are complying with
0:18 environmental law and also to assess how
0:20 well that law is being implemented
0:23 critically we’re independent of the
0:25 Scottish government
0:27 individual members of the public or
0:29 organizations can come to us with
0:31 representations if they have concerns
0:33 about how public bodies are implementing
0:35 environmental law
0:37 to date we’ve had 35 of these
0:39 representations
0:41 we’re currently looking at areas
0:42 including climate change fisheries and
0:45 water quality
0:46 wherever possible we aim to work with
0:49 public bodies like sepa and nature Scots
0:51 and the Scottish government to resolve
0:53 issues but we will use our enforcement
0:55 powers where we deem necessary
0:58 all the details of this work are
1:00 available on our website
1:03 we also do work on important
1:04 environmental issues that we’ve
1:06 identified ourselves as part of this
1:08 we’ve been looking in detail air quality
1:10 and discharges of sewage into the water
1:12 environment
1:14 we plan to publish the results of both
1:16 these pieces of work in the autumn
1:19 we’ve also been looking at how we can
1:21 inform the Scottish government’s future
1:22 plans for protecting and improving
1:24 biodiversity
1:27 we also look at what’s going on
1:28 elsewhere in the UK and internationally
1:30 and work with our counterparts in
1:32 England Wales and Northern Ireland
1:35 most recently in terms of the potential
1:37 effects of the retained EU Law act
1:40 if you’re interested in any aspect of
1:43 our work please have a look at our
1:44 website at
1:48 www.environmentalstandards.scott where
1:50 there’s much more detail or drop us a
1:52 line foreign
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