• 02 April 2024

We recently gave an update to the Scottish Parliament about the work we have been involved in over the past six months. Find out more from our Chief Executive Mark Roberts in the video below.

Video Transcript

0:00 [Music]
0:04 hello I’m Mark Roberts, Chief Executive of Environmental Standards Scotland
0:09 I want to give you a short update on some of the work that we’ve
0:12 been doing recently
0:14 In February, we published a report looking at particulate matter in
0:18 air in Scotland
0:20 We did this because, in 2021, the World Health Organisation revised
0:24 its air quality guidelines and we wanted to see how
0:28 Scotland compared
0:30 The new guidelines are much more stringent, reflecting what we now
0:33 know about the effects of particulate matter on
0:36 human health
0:37 Our report recommended that the Scottish Government considers this
0:41 when it revises its air quality strategy
0:46 Over the last few months, we’ve concluded a number of pieces
0:49 of work where we have worked with public bodies to address
0:52 concerns that have been raised with us by members of the
0:55 public and organisations
0:57 We call this informal resolution and it will always be our first step in
1:01 trying to resolve issues
1:04 We’ve reached informal resolutions on aspects of water quality,
1:08 on how Habitats Regulations appraisals are conducted and
1:12 how the Scottish Government assesses the impact of its
1:15 infrastructure plan on greenhouse gas emissions
1:18 All the details are on our website
1:22 Finally, we have also begun a community engagement
1:25 programme
1:26 Being accessible to the pubic is a priority for ESS
1:30 This programme will allow us to meet with, and listen directly to,
1:33 the concerns of individuals and environmental groups in Scotland
1:38 If you’re a community group interested in speaking to us,
1:41 please do get in touch
1:43 Indeed, if you’re interested in any aspect of our work, have a look at
1:47 our website at www.environmentalstandards.scot
1:52 where there’s much more detail on who we are and what we do
1:56 [Music]
2:01 [Music fades]

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