• 07 March 2023

Our Chief Executive Mark Roberts gives an update about the work we have been involved in over the past six months in a new vlog.

Video Transcript

0:00 [Music]
0:03 hi I’m Mark Roberts chief executive of
0:07 environmental standards Scotland
0:09 I wanted to give you an update in some
0:11 of our recent activities
0:13 environmental standards Scotland has
0:15 existed for nearly a year and a half
0:18 our job is to check that public sector
0:20 bodies are complying with environmental
0:22 law and also to assess the effectiveness
0:25 of that law
0:27 individual members of the public and
0:28 organizations can make representations
0:30 to us if they have concerns about how
0:33 public bodies are implementing
0:34 environmental law
0:36 to date we’ve had 24 of these
0:39 representations all the details are
0:42 available on our website
0:44 since the start of this year we’ve seen
0:46 a marked uptick in the number of peoples
0:48 coming to us
0:51 in September last year we published a
0:53 report recommending that the Scottish
0:54 government strengthens the arrangements
0:56 for improving air quality
0:58 the government has to respond within six
1:00 months so we’re looking forward to
1:03 seeing their response towards the end of
1:04 March
1:07 we’re in the midst of Investigation into
1:09 local authorities reporting against
1:11 their climate change duties
1:13 we’re discussing our initial findings
1:15 with the Scottish government with local
1:17 government bodies and the committee on
1:19 climate change
1:22 in addition we have a range of other
1:24 ongoing investigations covering subjects
1:27 like water quality sewage spreading on
1:29 land and the way that the planning
1:31 system relates to sites and areas that
1:33 protect nature
1:36 we’re also doing work based on our own
1:38 assessments of environmental priorities
1:41 this includes air quality the marine
1:43 environment and the potential for
1:45 pollution from sewage
1:47 if you’re interested in any aspect of
1:49 our work please have a look at our
1:51 website at
1:56 staging.environmentalstandards.scott where
1:58 there’s much more detail or drop us a
2:00 line
2:01 [Music]

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